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About Us

Vision Events & Media Group is the group of the entrepreneurs who organizes & manages the corporate events, trade fairs, entertainment events, reality shows for Television, Producing the TV AD & Content for Television Channels. It founded itself in August, 2004 by organizing of Vision' 2004 at Race Course Ground, Rajkot because of the challenge given by the another trade fair organizer.

It organized..

  1. Vision 2004 - 21st to 26th December, Race Course Ground, Rajkot.
  2. Vision 2005 - 21st to 26th April, Pradarshan Ground, Jamnagar.
  3. Vision 2005 - 27th December, 2005 to 1st January, 2006, Race Course Ground, Rajkot.
  4. Edit 2006 - 4th to 7th May, Race Course Ground, Rajkot.
  5. Khani-Pini 2006 - 11th to 21st May, Race Course Ground, Rajkot.
  6. Idea-Vrajmela 2006, - 21st to 31st August, RMC Ground, Nanamava Chokdi, Rajkot.
  7. Intel-Vision 2006 - 24th to 31st December, Aasopalav Party Plot, 150ft Ring Road, Rajkot.
  8. Godrej-Vacation 2007 - 13th to 21st May, Race Course Ground, Rajkot.
  9. Mother Dairy-Vision 2007 - 22nd to 31st December, Race Course Ground, Rajkot.
  10. Rang-De-Basanti - 21 March, 2008, Nanadanvan Party Plot, 150ft Ring Road, Rajkot.
  11. Godrej-Vacation 2008 - 26th April to 4th May, Race Course Ground, Rajkot.
  12. Vision 2008 - 16th to 23rd October, AES Ground, Drive Inn Road, Ahmedabad.
  13. Vision 2008 - 21st to 31st December, Race Course Ground, Rajkot.
  14. Airtel Shaka Laka 2009 - 3rd to 9th August, Iskon Mall, Hemu Gadhavi Hall, Rajkot.
  15. Vision 2009 - 24th to 31st December, Race Course Ground, Rajkot.
  16. Reliance Mobile - Vacax 2010 - 5th to 15th June, Reform Club, Asharam Road, Ahmedabad.
  17. Fiesta 10 - 25th to 27th October, 2010 - Maheshwari Bhavan, Citilight Road, Surat.
  18. Vision 2011 - 19th to 27th February, 2011 - Hajiyani Baug, Junagadh.
  19. Airtel Shaka Laka 11 - 5th June, 2011 - Karnavati Club, Ahmedabad.
  20. Just Garba 11 - 28th September to 6th October, 2011 - Venus Ground, Near Shivranjni Cross Road, Ahmedabad.
  21. Tata Vacasta 11 - 24th December 2011 to 1st January, 2012 - AES Ground, Nr. Helmet Cross Road, Ahmedabad.
  22. Tata Corporate Activity - From January to June 2012 - 25 Big Corporate Events on the campus of different corporate in Gujarat.

    "In this almost decade journey of event management, Vision made a record of The Best Interior of the Exhibition in Saurashtra, The Best Entry Gate Made in the Exhibition in Saurashtra, The Maximum Trade Fair Organized in Saurashtra, The Maximum Client Base and The Maximum Corporate Clients Holding in Saurashtra, The First Time A.C. Dome execution on ground in Saurashtra, & in the Second no. in organizing the trade fair in Gujarat.

    After diverting Its Creative Power in to Event Management from the publication of only Guajrati Infotech monthly Magazine 'The Time of I.T'. - An Infotech Magaine from 2004.

    Vision Group has also Announced The Award for The Best Businessman of Saurashtra Region with organizing the Trade Fairs.

    The Winner of the Businessman of Saurashtra Award in Past Year.

    In 2004 - Mr. Chandubhai Virani, The Founder, Balaji Waffers, Rajkot.

    In 2005 - Mr. Sureshbhai Kotak, The Founder, Kotak Group, Mumbai.

    In 2011 – Sashibhai Thanki, AEC Berings, Junagadh (Business Man of Sorath)

    Overall, 'Vision' has had the Ultimate Vision, & Its Getting it day by day.!!! The Future Vision group has also it’s ‘Vision’ for next decade (10-20) are in pipeline those are to be a powerful media of business & in production content for television, for bollywood and for current affairs media..

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